Malarky’s Irish Pub, also on the Peninsula and dating back to 1977, is a local spot with a friendly vibe. Good luck finding a spot at the bar on Sunday mornings, as they are famous for their breakfast meals and sandwiches. They have 46 different whiskeys–from Single Malt Scotch to Irish Whiskey and American Bourbon & Rye. Numerous beers are on tap, and, of course, Guinness and Smithwick’s Irish Ale are found here. They also have Harp Lager in the bottle (one of my favorites). A popular drink here during the St. Pat festivities is their Scotch Mule. It is made with a shot of 10-year aged Talisker Whiskey (the distillery was founded in 1830 on the Isle of Skye), a squeeze of lemon and lime and a splash of Ginger Beer. It is served in a copper mug, of course!